Gwen & Kevin

Gwen & Kevin

I met Gwen and Kevin about 18 months before their wedding and straight away I liked them. I liked their energy, their vision and their love and respect for each other.

One of the challenges that we had with their reception set up was they wanted to use the fireplace as their back drop but they had a large bridal party - too many to fit in a single row of tables. The cunning plan was to create a horse-shoe shaped bridal table and I have to say, it worked a treat. We added floral gardens to the inner corners of the tables and floralled up the La lumiere lighting above. The result was a lush floral intimate space for their party of fourteen.

Patty Lagera took amazing images that told a story of a wedding that had so many fantastic, fun moments I genuinely felt FOMO for not being there.

Venue: Kauri Bay Boomrock

Photographer: Patty Lagera

Lighting: La Lumiere