Kirsty & Richard

Kirsty & Richard

When Kirsty and Richard approached me to do their wedding flowers, they gave me this brief on the styling “ It'd be amazing to tell a story of our hot dry summers, beaches, native bush and the outdoors of NZ which we love….. I'd love to think that your blooms, the country setting so close to the beautiful eastern beaches and bush will make the look and feel of the wedding”.

From here we dreamed up a ceremony space that was built of two gardens framing this delightful couple and an aisle of smaller gardens. Later the larger gardens were moved into the lodge flanking the bridal table and the aisle gardens moved to the mantelpiece which, for me, took the lodge to the next level.

I adored everything about this wedding, the couple, the brief, the execution, the photographer, the sunny day, the holiday leading up to it. Everything!

I wish you both a life full of adventuring and stunning sunsets.

Photographer: Lucy Rice

Venue: Kauri Bay Boomrock